the constitution says WE the people... not ME the people
government exists to keep the poor from killing the rich
the "right to starve" is not part of the constitution
America... of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
economics 101... the rich run the world
the business of business is running the american government
judges are nothing but politicians in drag
government made me do it
if they close the post office where will my junk mail go ?
social security... you're next
limited government... limited to the rich & powerful

piss off a reublican... vote
stop voter suppression
want low taxes & no government ? ... move to somalia
small government = big out of pocket expenses
vote @ 16
direct democracy now
black robes... black hearts
corporations are not your government
political intimidation... no substitute for democracy
need cash ?... run for office
corporate funded elections... ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT
if the GOP can't buy an election... they'll steal it
the airwaves belong to the people

local voter
limited government... limited to the rich & powerful
corporations are not people... neither are ceo's
deregulation... been there, done that
gentlemen... plug in your VOLTS !
NO to privatization
the "commons" are for everyone
GM... government made it work
vote with your feet
occupy centers of power
fairness doctrine now
low information voter... garbage out
"we" are the government
if elections mattered they'd never hold one
get government off my back, so i can put into someone's bedroom
don't like socialism... get off the highway
enforce the americans with disabilities act