Religion / Social Justice

jesus was an union organizer
mike pfleger... cool bad ass priest
God calling ? ... put him on the line
build mosques not bomb
wwjd: do not call your brother raca (fag)
keep religion out of the military... DADT
devout skeptic
respect islam
fundamentalism is a disease... tolerance is the cure
God Loves Sister Simone
one G-d... so many disciples
I am judaism
warning... your bible may be breeding socialists !
support the separation of truth from fiction
cure fundamentalism
subpoena jesus
I'm OK... but the god (dess) is pissed
good christians don't bomb planned parenthood
separate church & hate
tikkun the world
fundamentalism is a mental illness
december is for all religions
nuns are cool
I'm OK... go pray for yourself
God is pissed
duct tape a fundamentalist
In the begining God created Science
objectivism is a religion
who would jesus bomb ?
religion exists to keep the poor from killing the rich
faith based = fact free
happy hannukkah
atheists don't spook easy
who would jesus shoot ?
there is no god... like no god
neocons killed nuns & priests
canon law does not trump the constitution
jesus was killed by religious fundamentalists
jesus is a socialist
i am christian
respect wiccans
G-d is present in all things
"the united states is NOT a christian nation" --- treaty of tripoli 1797
jesus save me from your followers
i am hindu
black holes are where G-d divided by zero
wwjd: cure fundamentalism
jihad on jihad... means more jihad
don't believe in god ?... you're not alone
celebrate the winter solstice
In the begining God created spaghetti monster
devout atheist
women priests... 21 centuries too late
if jesus were alive today would the republicans give him the electric chair or a lethal injection ?
love thy neighbor
christian jihad was once called the crusades
what would darwin do ?
bad religion kills
tikkun olam... tranform the world
respect earth religions
defrock pedophiles
Anti-Semitism... 25 Centuries of Hate
wake me when pastor heehaw's sermon is over
the pope ain't jesus
body of christ = one big union
who would jesus shoot ?
religious right = american taliban
separate church & state
if jesus were alive fox would be demanding his birth certificate
their is no G-d... but G-d
pastor heehaw... what's so christian about racism & hate ?
creationism... nonsense
jesus practiced what he preached
say no to "holy wars"
prisons are gated communities for the poor
"we shall overcome"
"law exists so the strong do not oppress the weak" --- hammurabi
robin hood... where are you when we need you ?
GOD LOVES... "Nuns on the Bus"
"my boss was a jewish carpenter who liked turning the tables on the rich and powerful"
raise your voice to injustice
practice the golden rule
support habitat 4 humanity
silence hate
wwjd... "what you do to the least of me, you do to me"
no justice, no peace... know justice, know peace
obstruct injustice
democracy creates community
pray for the people of japan
jesus was a class warrior
truth is the vaccine against fear

christianity is liberation technology
anti-semitism is not cool
poverty comes in all colors
wwjd... the meek shall inherit the whole freakin thing

wwjd: redemption & social justice
UN Declaration of Human Rights
wwjd: feed the poor
no more "burning times"
wwjd: you are you're brothers keeper
"jesus is a liberal, socialist, commie, anarchist jew"
silence = permission
one race... human race
darwin loves you
my pastor is an ignorant, intolerant, hate monger... how about yours ?
silence = acceptance
God liked the other pope better
al qaeda is not islam
make hate... have consequences
jesus is coming... money changers be damned
fundamentalism = bad religion