Occupy Wall Street / Protests

Wall St is the Problem… Unfortunately there is NO ANSWER
The only thing the Banksters want more than bailouts... is MORE bailouts
Render Unto Banksters... Not One Fucking Cent
Bernanke... Regulate Your Damn Banks
Can You  Say... "Procyclical monetary and fiscal policies in a Depression are stupid"
Bankers Do It From Behind
Let Them Eat Loses
Paychecks for the People
Banks Got Bailed Out... We Got Sold Out !
A keystroke is a terrible thing to waste!

Render Not Unto Banksters
The Financial Sector is a Lot More Trouble Than it’s Worth!
Chase Makes Waste
Will Work 4 Money
The Enemy of My Bank Is My Friend
Seize Offshore Banks
Bad Banker, Go Directly to Jail

All We Owe China is a Bank Statement
Democratize the Banks
Make Mitt Pay
Banks for the 99%!
Pepper Spray Goldman Sachs

Banks are Not People... Depositors Are
Why Tax 'EM When You Can SEIZE 'EM 

Banks for Democracy... Not Plutocracy
You Say, "Get A Job"... We Say, "Get A Life"

"This Bank is Your Bank... This Bank is My Bank"
They Have the Power... We Have the People

Dollars should buy goods and services, not INFLUENCE
We'll pull ourselves up by our bootstraps when we're allowed to have boots
If you hate big government, why do you keep it in your pocket?

They think they're better than us... They're wrong
My banker is a lying sack of shit... how about yours ?

We know the millionaires' opinion. Have they heard ours?
I Want My Money Back

Dare to dream: One millionaire = one voice. One ordinary person = one voice
A Banker's just another person in a $2,000 suitPrivilege is un-American
If They Can Have Lobbyists Why Can't We Have Unions ?
When did saying an employee should have the same voice as her employer become "radical" ?
Our goal: one person = one voice
CEOs are people...so are we
They have power... We have signs
Greed Is Sin
Support Your Local Labor Union
A billionaire is just a person with a congressman in his pocket