Debunking Gun Nuts

Statement:  Guns stop between (1-3m) crimes every year.

Answer:  These statistics are usually banded about by the gun lobby 
and their hired guns. Every objective study on the subject has come up 
with much lower figures, including a figure of 55,000 that comes from 
the FBI.  The consensus figure seems to be between 300,000 - 400,000 
with most encounters consisting of the victim NOT brandishing a gun, 
but informing the criminal that they have one. But even if we accept 
the gun lobby's figures the number of crimes involving guns exceeds 
them all.

Statement:  If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

Answer:  The best example to prove this wrong is Japan where for all 
practical purposes guns are outlawed. Criminals including the powerful 
Yakuza don't use or even carry them. The total gun deaths in Japan are 
about 2-3 people a year. The gun lobby is afraid that Americans will 
some day call their bluff and find out that less guns equals less crime.

Statement: The second amendment establishes a persons right to keep 
and bear arms.

Answer: NO IT DOESN'T. And a gaggle of right wing judges saying so 
doesn't make it so. The second amendment only and I repeat ONLY 
establishes a "well regulated" militia. Individual gun ownership in 
America as well as Europe has always been seen as less a right than a 
privilege - maybe tradition would be the best word to use. Even then 
discretion was given to localities on regulating there use. The best 
case for individual gun ownership being a right could be made under 
the ninth amendment and it's clause of "un-enumerated rights". But 
repeating again, the second amendment does not give "you" a right to 
bear arms.

Statement: Guns are the best way to protect you and your family.

Answer:  No, guns are probably the worst way of protecting you and 
your family. The mere possession of a gun in your home significantly 
increases the chance of being killed by it more than by an intruder or 
attacker. Try a dog, ADT, motion detectors, alarms, video, 911, 
whistles, pepper spray, locking your doors, and last but not least 
COMMON SENSE. Your chances of being killed by a stranger at home or on 
the street is incredibly low. Taking your life or your family's in a 
fit of rage or a bout of depression are what you are most likely to 
use your gun for. Stay safe and away from guns.

Statement:  Crime rates have decreased in the US as the number of guns 
have risen. Therefore more guns, less crime.

Answer: Actually the crime rate has been decreasing over the last 20 
yrs  because the US incarceration rate is 5x more than what it was 
back then. The average age of Americans has also increased. In 
addition public camera's and personal security systems have put the 
bad guys on notice.
Note:  While the number of guns has increased the percentage of gun 
owners has gone down. Look you only have two hands.

Statement:  Regulating gun ownership is the first step to tyranny and 
totalitarian rule.

Answer: Well if that were the case we would all have been in a gulag 
long ago.  The fact of the matter is that every society in history has 
regulated firearms on it's territory - free and not. I mean would you 
rather live in a free fire zone like iraq or great britain and it's 
traditions of freedom but tight gun control ? Easy access to guns does 
not equal freedom.

Statement:  Guns don't kill people, people kill people

Answer: How about, "guns don't kill people, people with guns kill 
people" or to put it more bluntly "no guns, no gun victims"

Statement:  Suicide rates are higher in Europe than in the US even 
though they have less guns and tighter regulation. Therefore the 
presence of guns in American society has nothing to do with US suicide 

Answer:  First of all the suicide rates for the 25 members of the EU 
combined is almost identical to that of the US. Second, the rate of 
attempted suicide by firearm has a higher lethality rate at 90%+ with 
2/3rds of American suicides by way of gun. Therefore it is quite clear 
US suicide rates would be much lower than the EU if not for the 
presence of guns. Even American religiousity can't counter the guns 
first time lethal effect.