Texas "Mirage"

"There is no "Texas Miracle" either today or yesterday. What we have is a state with a great divide between the rich & poor. Rick Perry has made a career of exploiting these divisions and touting himself as some kind of job creator. The fact is that Perry has presided over one of the most dysfunctional states in the country. As they say in Texas he's all hat and no cattle. Look at the stats and make up your own mind......."

• lowest per capita savings & wealth (bottom 10 states) --- source: statemaster,
ag edwards

• hate crimes (10 worst states) --- source: statemaster

• life expectancy 76.7 (bottom half of states) --- source: bloomberg businessweek

• worst drop out rate in nation --- source: houston chronicle

• least healthy states 2010 (bottom 10 worst states) --- source: healthinsurance org

• highest percentage of uninsured in the nation 2010 --- source: healthinsurance org

• children in poverty 2010 (bottom 10 worst states) --- source: healthinsurance org

• prenatal care & infectious disease (ranked near the bottom) source: healthinsurance org

• one of the most dangerous states 2010 (ranked in worst 1/3 rd) --- source: infoplease

• math & science rankings 2010 (bottom half of the nation) --- source: huffington post

• second highest illiteracy rate in nation --- source: huffington post, literarytexas org

• highest insurance rates in the US 2009 (200% higher under rick perry) --- source: texas kaos

• median income 49k (bottom half of all states) --- source: wikipedia

• some of the highest property tax rates, home closing fees, & general revenue fees in the country --- source: dallas morning news

• adults in poverty (bottom 10 states) --- source: dallas morning news

• ranked fifth worst state to live in --- source: statemaster

• unemployment rate 8.2 % (ranked  24th in nation behind NY, Mass, MD, & MN to name a few) ---  source: wikipedia

• highest percentage of minimum wage jobs in US (10+%)--- source: thinkprogress

• median hourly wage $11.20 (bottom half of states) --- source: thinkprogress

• national leader in teen pregnancy --- source: statemaster

• third highest obesity rate in nation --- source: statemaster

• adults with mental health problems (top half of states) --- source: statemaster

• one of the least consumer friendly state's in the nation - including limits on what bad doctors & negligent companies can be sued for --- source: huffington post

• government subsidized poaching of out of state jobs... destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the country --- source: time, dallas morning news

• poor environmental quality ( ranked in bottom 1/3rd of states ) --- source: forbes