Women / Choice

life begins at conception... rights begin at birth
it's not the pope's body is it ?
well behaved women don't get shit
pro-choice is the pro-life position
keep women legal, safe, & alive
life begins when you get one
draft embryo's

the inquisition... now that was murder
well behaved women seldom make history
hip mama
don't want an abortion ?... have a vasectomy
keep your mitt's off my uterus
"if you think it's so easy then you do the dishes"
ERA... it still not too late
keep abortion legal, safe, & rare
Walmart discriminates against women
stop practicing theology in my uterus
stand by sandra fluke
this is what a feminist looks like
women hold up half the world
equal work... equal pay
yes virginia it is complicated
i'm pro-choice... and my mother is too
sarah palin doesn't represent me
nuns are cool
who needs a burqa when you have a republican husband
women priests... 21 centuries too late
God Bless Lilly Leadbetter
It's A Woman's Decision
pro-choice voter
adopt a crack baby or STFU
what would mary magdalene do ?
women soldiers... not quite what mom expected
danica patrick... let's roll
i don't do cat fights
who is diana troy ?
real women can laugh at themselves
keep phyllis schafly out of my uterus
bishops lied while mommies died
michelle... cool first lady
got estrogen ?
miscarriage is nature's way of saying things happen
I like men... and women
real women kick ass
who needs burqa's when you have republicans
emma goldman fan club

practicing woman
mommies have a heartbeat too

wild women need prozac
it's not about the curlers & lipstick
got choice ?